Facebook Comes to Kampala

Jon Gosier —  November 17, 2008 — 8 Comments

So a few months ago when I began organizing the Kampala Facebook Garage I was initially a little daunted. I was worried bout getting the word out and finding people interested enough and skilled enough to make it a success. Then Barcamp Kampala happened and I was reassured that there were tons of developers who’d be interested in the Facebook Garage. Then a there was a big surprise. I was invited by Kaushal Jhalla to attend Barcamp Africa at Google Headquarters in Mountain View, Ca. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t return until the day the Facebook clinic was originally scheduled so it had to be postponned.

It turns out that serendipity was going to change things for the better. While I was in California, I met a woman with extensive contacts at Facebook named Leila Chirayath Janah, founder of Samasource and a member of the Facebook NBI team. She offered to help organize the rescheduled Garage, and offered to arrange for some staff members to attend! Well that’s all happened and on December 13th, Uganda will have it’s first ‘one on one’ with the Facebook Staff!

A few months back there was a similar event in Nairobi, this one will take place in Kampala, Uganda at Makerere University. Topics covered will include using Facebook to fundraise, market a business, and of course the Facebook Developers Garage, a hands on workshop that allows developers to learn how to use the platform to make widgets and applications.

For details join our Facebook Group, visit the event on Facebook or the Appfrica Wiki. I want to especially thank Leila Chirayath (Samasource) and Michael Niyitegeka (Makerere University) for helping this event to finally manifest.

If you live in Kampala and you missed out on events like Campala2008 and MiniBarcamp, then make up for it by attending this one!

Help us out by spreading the word! Write about this event and tag related media with #fb08uganda

Jon Gosier


Founder of Apps4Africa, Appfrica, and D8A

8 responses to Facebook Comes to Kampala


    Good luck folks. This is awesome and can’t wait to see what the facebook developer garage in Uganda unveils.


    Wow Jon! This is impressive! I am sure this is going to be quite an interesting event I am sure.. Too bad I am not able to attend it.. I was thinking of dabbling with FB apps.


    I wonder how many Ugandans are on facebook? It would be great to meet and discuss how we can utilise this social network for more gainful things.
    Thanks for coming up with the idea we look forward to attending the event.


    This is great news, I cannot wait to join the garage when it comes to K’la!


    Jon this is a great initiative and i am so excited that this is happening. wow
    Thanks again, i must be there this time

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