“Intelligence is spread evenly throughout the world, opportunity is not.”

Jon Gosier —  June 11, 2012 — 3 Comments

The following is an excerpt from a recent interview I conducted with StartupFestival.com discussing business, entrepreneurship and opportunity in developing countries.

The International Startup Festival is a 3-day event July 11-13, all about the business of Startups. Held in the historic Old Port of Montreal, Canada, the event brings together industry veterans and fresh new faces, creative thinkers, experienced entrepreneurs and technologists from around the world. This year’s speakers include people like Dave McClure (500Startups), Liza Kindred (Third Wave Fashion), Cindy Gallop (IfWeRanTheWorld.com), Graham Hill (TreeHugger.com) and many more.

I’ll be speaking at Startup Fest giving an inside glimpse into how data platforms are changing nations, and how this vision of human and machine collaboration is driving a new generation of tools to cope with today’s information flood.


Jon Gosier


Founder of Apps4Africa, Appfrica, and D8A

3 responses to “Intelligence is spread evenly throughout the world, opportunity is not.”



    This kind of exclamation denies that you can change your own situation yourself. It basically says, “I’m not going to be responsible for my lack of opportunity, I will sit under a tree waiting for opportunity to come to me.”

    That is very wrong. How about this:

    “Opportunity may be spready unequally through this world, due to historic and actual circumstances, but so is motivation to pick it up. He who is motivated, pick up the opporunity.”

    That sounds much better to me. Don’t blame your own failures on other people’s success.


      You make a lot of assumptions in your statement. Nothing about my words there implies anything of the sort. In fact, to me, they very much imply the opposite – that through creative means, opportunity can in fact be found anywhere. However, not everyone has access to the same resources. Thus, working to overcome whatever challenges one might face is critical.

      So while you’re very much agreeing with me in principle, with your comment, you’ve already precluded that people who lack opportunity must be blaming someone else for their problems. I find very much the opposite, people working diligently throughout the world to change their own daily realities. People, who don’t need help, but who appreciate it when they get it and who are eager to share their successes.


      morningtime- What about the millions who have gotten educated but don’t have the opportunity to repay the slavery loan debt they incurred, thus crippling innovation and future entrepreneurs? These students have done exactly what you claim in attempting to change their own situation but have been duped by a predatory lending schemes. I would argue that the current loan problem is a tremendous opportunity lost to future creativity. You can’t tell me that the average first generation college student can get funded for any business with these ridiculous debts on their credit (debt that can’t be erased through bankruptcy). If one was born wealthy, this dilemma doesn’t exist. I’m not blaming the wealthy, but opportunity is more scarce for the average person than ever before. Millions around the world aren’t protesting for nothing.

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