BlogDay 2008 Recommendations

Jon Gosier —  September 1, 2008 — 2 Comments

Blog Day is a day on which bloggers world-wide recommend interesting blogs from other cultures or different parts of the world. It assists readers as well as other bloggers find new goodies for their favorite feedreader. Today, I’m picking five blogs that I read on daily basis…
Research scientists the world-over created EK as an aggregation tool for indexing factual information about climate change and the environment. The UI is gorgeous and makes extensive use of ‘web 2.0’ technologies as a way of sharing data.

Justin Hartman
At heart I’m a tech person, so I like reading blogs by other techies. Justin Hartman is a South African web developer and one of the creators behind the African blog aggregator Afrigator.

Nubian Cheetah
Nii Simmonds was a TED Fellow and offers interesting insights on African, technology, culture and politics.

Fred Wilson is a venture capitalist and principal of Union Square Ventures. I know nothing about finance and very little about investments so reading the blog of a VC is particularly interesting for me. Plus, running a blog from a three letter domain is pretty enviable.

SwissMiss is a Swedish graphic designer living in NewYork city. Her blog’s a bit quirky but the best ones usually are.

Happy Blog day!

Jon Gosier


Founder of Apps4Africa, Appfrica, and D8A

2 responses to BlogDay 2008 Recommendations


    Thanks for the mention here. Good to see you’re a fellow reader:)


    I appreciate the love. Great job at BarCamp Africa!

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