Outsourcing to India (Prisons)

Jon Gosier —  May 13, 2010 — 3 Comments

Firms looking squeeze every last possible cent out of the lucrative Asian BPO markets have found a new way to increase productivity and profits. Decreasing costs by outsourcing to India’s prisons…

Indian outsourcing firm Radiant Info Systems has found yet another way to lower wages — hiring data entry clerks from a local prison. Some 200 inmates will be paid $2.20 a day to handle manual data entry tasks for Radiant’s BPO deals in a pilot for the scheme. Radiant execs told The BBC that the deal will provide skills to inmates when they are released from prison. No doubt they would also be due for a pay rise.

via Slashdot and BBC

Jon Gosier


Founder of Apps4Africa, Appfrica, and D8A

3 responses to Outsourcing to India (Prisons)


    This is totally insane. Some stupid politicians and some over intelligent business man gonna make the whole world feel suspicious about Indian IT and BPO staff.
    Even Swiss Bankers Trusted Indians till today. These idiots gonna make millions of IT workers life hard, just to improve life of 200 criminals.


    Go easy on it mate! This is not gonna bite you:)


    I agree; there are security risks to outsourcing to prisons. I really wish that companies would think twice about this.

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