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Mark Kaigwa is the co-founder of a startup that crowdsources consumer complaints to encourage engagement and action from the companies and brands they’re about. You might call it the GetSatisfaction of Kenya. He and I had a chat at the iHub launch in Kenya about entrepreneurship, the importance of co-founders, and following your vision. Download the Podcast | Subscribe to RSS

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Information wants to be flow and it wants to flow torrentially. Twitter, SMS, E-mail, RSS and more offer unprecedented access to first-hand accounts of events. But with these methods for delivery comes the deluge of overwhelming re-tweets, cross-chatter, spam and inaccuracies. How do you distinguish signal from noise? How can you automate the process of filtering content into more manageable portions without sacrificing accuracy and relevancy? Are there ways to then distribute trust and authority across the internet?

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Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web visits Kampala to discuss the history of the web as well as the future of the semantic web, the mobile web, and Africa’s opportunities. Recorded at TEDxKampala on Nov 23, 2009.

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Tim Berners-Lee’s TED Talk
ReadWriteWeb’s Interview with Tim
Q&A Session with Tim at TEDxKampala

Rebecca Moore of Google talks Google Earth, Google Earth Outreach, Sketchup and Maps. Also a bit about TEDxKampala, the new Android Phone and AfricaGIS in Kampala, Uganda.

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Reporter Ron Nixon of the New York Times recently sat down with me to discuss the future of journalism and his own project, Ujima.

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Meklit Hadero is a singer, songwriter, thinker and activist who exudes passion for the arts and her native Ethiopia. She’s a member of the Red Poppy Art House, a San Francisco artspace, venue and hub. Later this year, she and more than a dozen creatives of the Ethiopian diaspora will travel from all over the world to converge on their home, to celebrate art and culture. She was also a 2009 TED Oxford Fellow where we met a few weeks go, and I’ve been enthralled by her album EIGHT SONGS ever since. Meklit’s songs are reminiscent of the red dust omnipresent in sub-Saharan Africa; inviting, ancient, anguished yet resilient and lingering. If nothing else listen to this episode for the music contained inside.

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After returning from TED Global 2009 Jon talks about what it’s like to present on the TED stage, what it’s like to be a fellow and what the TED community is like. Also Teddy Ruge from drops by Appfrica Labs for a quick interview about his latest projects and how he was almost an Olympic decathlete! Also a few surprise announcements!

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TED Fellows – the Ted Fellows Blog

Project Diaspora – Mobilizing the African Diaspora

Ask Us Anything. Audio interviews with participants in Grameen’s CKW program and users of the ‘all questions answered’ service, Questionbox. Details about Question Box’s pilot in Uganda where we’re headed and the results of some of our research. Also, Jon talks about Google’s new SMS applications, Uganda’s plan to ban used computers, the real-time web, and the death of Michael Jackson?

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World Wants to Know – real-time visualization of questions around the world

Grameen CKW Program – community knowledge workers

Grameen Applab – applying technology solutions to development

Google SMS Apps – SMS Search, SMS Tips and SMS Trader

Quincy Jones on MJ’s Death – Candid thoughts from Quincy Jones on his friend MJ

Uganda Wants to ban Used Computers – My thoughts

Balancing Act. Russell Southwood from the Balancing Act consultancy sits down with Natalie and I to discuss consumer protection rights, the future of technology in Africa and mobile currency systems MTN Mobile Money and Safaricom’s MPesa. Russell’s group Balancing Act seeks to be the primary source for information on the telecoms, Internet and audio-visual media industries in Africa.

Also. Jon talks about Microsoft Bing, Google Wave, Google Squared and becoming a TED Fellow!

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Balancing Act – A free weekly e-letter/web site on the state of the internet in Africa. Regular items: news, business model, new software, web sites.

mpesa – Safaricom’s massive mobile commerce service

Mtnmobile Money – Wire money with your mobile

The Backlash Against Google Wave – Google rocks the boat.

Microsoft’s Big Bing Theory – “But It’s Not Google” – Crowdsourcing Structured Data

Africansignals WikiAfrican Signals is a site dedicated to finding out and showing local rates for mobile phone and internet connections around Africa – Broadband Internet and Computer news website focusing on ADSL, 3G, HSDPA, iBurst, MyWireless, Gaming, Cellphone, Hardware and Software.

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Natalie’s First Day. Appfricast has a new co-host and her name is Natalie Kimbugwe! Natalie will be joining us week-after-week to discuss the latest in African IT news and current events. As the female founder of a start-up here in Kampala, she offers unique insight into the IT industry, policy making and….Shaggy?!

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Orange Telecom – Orange is the key brand of France Telecom, one of the world’s leading telecommunications operators.
Youth Action Fund – The purpose of the Youth Action Fund is to identify, inspire, and support small groups of dedicated young people who can mobilize and influence large numbers of their peers to promote open society ideals.