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Today we’re proud to launch “The Cheetah Code”, an ongoing web series documenting the African tech and creative space. The series is a collection of mini-documentaries chronicling Africa’s young entrepreneurs, creative class, and emerging technology sector. Our goal is to record high-quality video content that is entertaining, educational, and inspirational all at once. You can find all of this content and more at

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This project began by failing. I originally tried to fund raise money on KickStarter for a feature length documentary about Africa’s emerging creative class and young entrepreneurs. The Kickstarter didn’t find the funding it required to succeed, but that only meant it would take a little more work and time to make the project a reality. It also meant the project would need to take a different form. Rather than a documentary, which realistically few would actually watch at all (much less more than once), I decided to make this an ongoing series with new content about the space always freshly available.

Some of these episodes will be profiles of startups and entrepreneurs, others will be interviews featuring the advice and observations of prominent people working in the space.

Two of those interviews appear below, one with SpotOne Global founder and Apps4Africa supporter Marieme Jamme of Senegal and another with Savannah Fund and Ushahidi founder Erik Hersman of Kenya.

Interview with Marieme Jamme

Interview with Erik Hersman

We invite you to submit your stories, ideas, or companies for consideration to be covered here –

If you are a company or organization interested in sponsoring the show or partnering with us in some other way, we invite you to reach out to:

Cheetah Trailer 45 from Jon Gos on Vimeo.

Why aren’t there more of a focus in books or film, about African innovations in business?

Not about its colonial history, its artists and musicians, its Dictators and tribes, its poverty and wars, its animals and wildlife…but work simply about doing business in Africa?

That was the question I asked myself before undertaking THE CHEETAH CODE. After spending several years living and working in the continent, it dawned on me that there were few resources available to those interested in doing business in, or with, the continent.

THE CHEETAH CODE is the culmination of several years of research in my time as a technologist, small investor, and activist. The book is about Africa’s young creative class, its expanding technical capacity, and entrepreneurs.

It is not a about philanthropy, poverty, or scapegoating foreign corporations. It is about contemporary business, economics, societal trends, and technology that happens to be told from the African perspective. It will be made available as a documentary film, and book.


If you find the above concept compelling, you can help make this project a reality by backing it on! Those of you interested in the project who live abroad, email me privately at