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One of the great things about technology hubs is the serendipitous connections that can be made and the unplanned fraternization of different groups in the space. It happens quite often, but I felt a meeting this week at HiveColab was worth highlighting.

Liz Ngonzi and her colleague Sarah Webb were visiting with HiveColab Director Barbara Birungi to discuss projects related to Barbara’s Women in Technology Uganda initiative. It was complete coincidence that I happened to be visiting the space, along with my colleagues Bahiyah (of Appfrica) and Chris Burrage (of MetaLayer).

It wasn’t long before the five of us were engaged in a number of different exciting conversations related to our respective projects and perspectives.

Liz Ngonzi

Liz Ngonzi describes herself as being born in Uganda but raised at the United Nations. She founded Amazing Taste, LLC., a US-based, consulting firm that connects nonprofit organizations with corporations, foundations and philanthropists, to jointly achieve their strategic objectives.

Sarah Webb

Sarah Webb and I had both been at the Beyond Access conference in Washington, D.C. just a few days prior, but hadn’t met there. She is the Project Manager for International Development at Syracuse University’s iSchool and is passionate about bringing libraries into the global development discussion.

It was a true pleasure to meet them both, and great to have such amazing individuals involved with Hive. I look forward to seeing what these discussions will lead to!

Jon Gosier (Founder, Appfrica)


Jon Gosier —  August 1, 2010 — 3 Comments

The most important thing you can do as a mentor is plant ideas.

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hive colab

Earlier in the day we announced Apps Africa, a competition for app developers across Africa. Also, today in Uganda, Appfrica Labs in partnership with Project Diaspora, UConnect, and Node Six are also announcing the Hive collaborative workspace in Uganda!

Hive Colab is a collaborative, community owned, open work environment for young tech entrepreneurs looking to focus on projects, to access the computing resources and bandwidth, have a quiet professional environment to develop their ideas in, and to generally collaborate with each other. Something very similar to what our friends are doing with the outstanding iHub in Nairobi.

It will be a space for nascent application developers to register as freelancers, if they are looking for paying projects that people need to be done around the world; a list of projects and clients available through the pan-African consortium of incubators, AfriLabs. Participant projects will remain wholly owned by their creators, although there there will be access to a network of investors looking to cherry pick some of the more promising ideas for investment, also through AfriLabs. AfriLabs is a loose consortium consisting of the iHub & iLab in Kenya, Appfrica Labs here in Uganda, and Limbe Labs in Cameroon.

The only requirement to membership to the Hive, is that applicants actually be working on projects, and thereafter they must be able to show progress on their ideas to retain membership. This is to keep energy high and to favour people who remain productive. There will be other types of memberships available to be announced soon. For companies or individuals who occasionally need space to host events and trainings relevant to our mission, we are happy to offer the Hive as an open venue. All applications to use the space will be approved by the board.

Our vision is to establish the first Hive at the present location, and eventually expand by opening other Hives in different parts of Kampala to make them convenient locations for many.

It is important that the Hive operate independent of any contributing stakeholders, so that it is not any one person’s or group’s property. Thus, all decisions are made by a community board which currently consists of Teddy Ruge (Project Diaspora), Daniel Stern (UConnect), Solomon King (NodeSix) and Jon Gosier (Appfrica Labs) and more (to be announced soon).

More details tomorrow at Africa Gathering UK and at Follow us on Facebook or @hivecolab on Twitter.